Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles Memory Club

Apr. 20, 2016 Dr. Lefferman presented to the established Memory Club of Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles in the Canoga Park/Greater San Fernando Region to a group of members who suffer from different forms of Early Stage Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Our group was overly impressed with not only Dr. Lefferman’s excellent knowledge on the concepts of dementia, medications, and lifestyle recommendations, but also in his presenting style. Dr. Lefferman provided the information in a professional but comfortable fashion that allowed the members to freely express themselves and ask questions. His knowledge in the medical field is beyond evident, and his grace with explaining provided a sense of ease to the members, which is not easily done. I highly recommend Dr. Lefferman to anyone looking for an impressive DO, as I know that several of the members of Memory Club have already reached out to touch base with Dr. Lefferman after his presentation. He is extremely easy going and kind, but also very knowledgeable in his field; I will definitely be hoping he comes back to present every quarter for us.

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