Eliza Okhowat

Eliza Okhowat Nurse Practitioner

In 2009, Eliza graduated from the Adult Nurse Practitioner program at CSULA. Her graduate work at UCLA focused on Diabetic Strategy in Nephrology. She worked with patients who had chronic kidney disease and joined Dr. Lefferman’s team in 2012. Eliza loves her job! She says, “I work with elderly and hospice. I have a passion for this population, and feel I found my niche.” Eliza grew up in Virginia has a family in California now. When she's not working she spends time with her two young children.

Meet The Team

Our team means everything to us — it defines our culture, process and environment. We put an emphasis on working with smart people who uphold our values and create new opportunities for our clients and patients.

Dr. Matthew Lefferman Medical Director & Founder Dr. Matthew Lefferman
Jaana Salonsaari Nurse Practitioner Jaana Salonsaari
Adam Mahdi Nurse Practitioner Adam Mahdi
Johanna Camacho Office Administrator Johanna Camacho
Elizabeth Giraldo Director of Business Development Elizabeth Giraldo
Manuel Ramirez Certified Medical Assistant Manuel Ramirez
Marcos Ramirez Certified Phlebotomist Marcos Ramirez
Milo Sarmiento Certified Phlebotomist Milo Sarmiento
Ileana Lopez Administrative Medical Assistant Ileana Lopez
Jeanette Newman Medical Records Coordinator Jeanette Newman
Jean Nolino, R.N. Intake Coordinator Jean Nolino, R.N.
Rijesa Somollo, R.N. Provider Support Rijesa Somollo, R.N.
Kathrina “Kat” Abarcar, R.N. Dr. Lefferman's Personal Medical Assistant Kathrina “Kat” Abarcar, R.N.
Rana Pasiablo, R.N. Medical Records & Billing Assistant Rana Pasiablo, R.N.