Kathleen Reyes

Kathleen Reyes Admissions Support

After my volunteer days at a tertiary hospital, I worked as a Board Exam Review Staff for BS Nursing Batch 2019's preparation in their Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam. I work in the Admission Department as Admissions Support and love what I do. I also order and follow up on and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and hospital admission as needed for our dear patients Fun fact about me is that I am also a mental health advocate. On my leisure time, I love watching horror and thriller movies.

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Dr. Matthew Lefferman Medical Director & Founder Dr. Matthew Lefferman
Jaana Salonsaari Nurse Practitioner Jaana Salonsaari
Johanna Camacho Office Administrator Johanna Camacho
Elizabeth Giraldo Director of Business Development Elizabeth Giraldo
Manuel Ramirez Certified Medical Assistant Manuel Ramirez
Milo Sarmiento Certified Phlebotomist Milo Sarmiento
Rana Pasibalo, R.N. Medical Records & Billing Assistant Rana Pasibalo, R.N.
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Jeanette Newman Medical Records Coordinator Jeanette Newman
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